Saturday, November 10, 2007

Toxic Leaves

Sounds like the name of a grunge band...

Stupid us and stupider lawn service guy, who is a professional and should know better, sprayed weed pre-emergent all over the dirt parts of our yard. We told him we had dogs. He said "water it in, it will be okay once it dries." Except our yard is full of unraked leaves. And he sprayed them. And both dogs like to eat leaves. We had a massive raking party today, okay no biggie, I'm not afraid of a little yard work. But they're all covered with this agent orange stuff so it wasn't just raking most of them up, it was going around and picking up every stinkin' shred of leaf that we could see had orange Cheeto-like powder on it. And I'm thinking, "this idiot is charging me to spray leaves and I'm picking them up and now the chemicals aren't getting down in to prevent weeds." Why didn't he call us and say, "I'll come back when you guys have raked"?

Stupid lawn service guy. Stupider us for not thinking of it.

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