Thursday, November 1, 2007

By Way of Explanation...

So you've heard of Fat Man and Little Boy, right?

WWII...names of the atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki...

Well, this is Fat Boy & Little Man:

Appropriately named as they act like atom bombs dropped on my (once) nice, clean house...but I digress.

That's Fat Boy (a.k.a. Dave, age 5) on the right...Little Man (a.k.a. Henry, age 5 months) on the left. My kids.

So that's where the blog name comes from. Now that
NaBloPoMo has started...gotta have a blog...gotta post something!

1 comment:

Thany said...

I love the Fat Boy with all my heart as the bestest dog of all time and I cannot wait to fall in love with the Little Man.