Monday, November 5, 2007


It's a good news/bad news day.

Good news: I found a dress!! Actually I found two dresses which is, like, amazing! Cute and simple but fun and most of all: comfortable! How hard is to find all that in one fancy party dress?! For me, very hard.

Bad news: I can't find my grandma's pretty (fake) diamond bracelet that I really wanted to wear. It's perfect and so so so pretty. I don't know where it could be since it's not where I normally keep it. Did I put it somewhere "safe" when we moved and now I can't remember? I usually keep it with my grandma's wedding ring, but I know where that is and no bracelet. I don't know where else to look...did I loan it to someone? But who in the world would I have loaned it to? It's not something I would loan except maybe to my sister...but nope, I'm pretty sure I never had the occasion to. Did I lose it last time I wore it?

Where is it???


Amy said...

Oh I hope you find it. I misplaced my grandma's ring once. I was so so happy to find it. I had "put it somewhere safe" which translates to.. "I hid it from myself."

Thany said...

I hate hate that.
Especially with something special.
Did you check with your sister?
Is it the one you wore when you were Tammy?

If I was there, I would SO help you look.

(Yay on the dress though!)