Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hotel Del Edwards

A couple days ago, the 16th to be precise, was our 1-year anniversary for moving into this house. Last year we were so busy unpacking boxes that we didn't hang any Christmas lights and just barely managed to put up a tree. We were sorely disappointed when NO ONE on our street hung any lights either. Not one single house. What is up with THAT? It was then and there that we vowed to go all out next year. Perhaps they'd be inspired to do SOMEthing. After all, the street below us was basically a mini Candy Cane Lane.

It's taken two trips to Target (so far), about 18 strands of lights, countless extension cords, and a solid design plan. The main house lights were hung today. (Note, they will not be turned on until Friday, but in the interest of daylight and good weather, they were hung today.) On Friday we'll finish up. It's going to be awwwesome!

Makes me want to turn on the fire, watch Christmas specials and bake sugar cookies!

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