Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Eve Eve

Can you smell it yet? Can you taste it yet? Is your turkey thawing? I can't wait. This year we're going down to my sister's new house with her state-of-the art kitchen. She is an amazing cook, so it's fun to watch her work with all the right equipment. Only thing is: she uses every dish, pot and pan in the house and we lesser cooks get dish duty. Her husband was clever, though, he had two dish washers installed. Yeah, he knows her pretty well.

What are y'all doing?

What's the one dish that it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without (besides the obvious turkey)?

I vote for stuffing. Yummmmy!

P.S. To those who read yesterday's blog: according to Wikipedia, "although the pumpkin is botanically classified as a fruit (the ripened ovary of a flowering plant), it is widely regarded as a vegetable."

So it's a fruit and a vegetable?

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