Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sundays Are Hard

It's hard to blog on Sunday. Because I don't DO anything!

So when in doubt, post a cute picture. This one isn't all that cute - you can tell that Dave isn't really in the mood. Dave is practically a person. He understands English, and he picks up words without us realizing it. Lizard, for one. We have a lizard that lives between the barbecue and the rose bush around the side of the house. If you ask Dave, "Where's the lizard?" He'll run over to that spot and start looking for it. How does he know that word? I never worked on it with him. He just picked it up.

He's moody. If he doesn't feel like coming inside...he doesn't. Usually you can persuade him with a cookie because Cookie trumps just about everything else. If you ignore him too much, he gets up, walks across the room, lays down in a dramatic flop with his back to you, and lets out a heavy sigh. In fact he just did it because I'm typing instead of petting him.

Dave is a person. Henry is a dog, but Dave is a person.

Dave's names:
Dave of Daves
The Boo
Boo Bear
Fat Boy (as referenced in the blog title)
Yellow Man
Fluffy Muffin
My Sweet Dave


Missy Shell said...

I heart Dave. :-)

Thany said...

He really is my favorite Man Dog.

My name is Dave, Dave, Dave
I am a dog, dog, dog.....