Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I love this group. I saw them in concert last year and Jennifer Nettles is the strongest, most incredible singer I've ever had the pleasure of listening to....twang and all. So I thought I'd share.

Sorry this would be slicker if they'd let me embed their video, but...gotta respect artist copyrights.

I forgot to mention that my hubby stopped at Borders today to get his mom a birthday gift and brought me their new CD and the set of Twilight books. sigh. A much needed act of kindness for me. :-) I feel loved.


Thany said...

I am not a country music kind of gal but "Who Says You Can't Go Home" with Bon Jovi was awesome! It makes me think I would enjoy Sugarland.

Missy Shell said...

I really, really like them for a song or two. I can't listen to a whole album. I'll bet they put on an amazing show, though. I'd totally go see it.

Crayl said...

You have a good man Sooz. A good man indeed. :)

Thany said...

Okay I missed that last part....YAY TWILIGHT BOOKS!!!! You are gonna love them...have you started yet??