Monday, November 3, 2008

Dogs & Children

I don't have kids. I have dogs. But everyone I know has kids which means I hear ALL their kid stories. So, my observation is this: up to a certain age...maybe when children begin talking...I'm not sure there's much difference. Observe:

  • Until their bladders are big enough to hold it, you have to get up with them in the middle of the night.

  • You can't trust them to wander the house or yard unsupervised. My house is full of gates.

  • They ruin your carpet.

  • You have to take them to the Doctor regularly for shots. And it ain't cheap.

  • You have to be careful what you leave within easy reach - trash, shoes, food on the counter, etc.

  • They get spazzier when they're tired and will just run around until they drop.

  • The more exercise they get, the better behaved they are.

  • You need a variety of toys to keep them occupied, but not all at once. Put an old toy away for a while. When you bring it out it's as if it was brand new!

  • You have to teach them to share. Their natural tendency is "mine, mine, mine!".

  • They are sneaky! When you're not looking they do stuff they know they shouldn't! (I'm yelling at Henry as we speak).

  • The obvious: they're cute, they're cuddly, they demand attention, they climb on the furniture even when they're not supposed to.
  • There's never as many pictures of the second kid as there are of the first. (I'm #2)

Sound like your kid?

Henry & Dave


Crayl said...

Perfect comparison. Your furry kids are so cute too.

MomOfDudes said...

I agree, our furry child Yogi has our heart. I do wish he could talk sometimes

Thany said...

Your furry kids are my favorites. I like them more than my non furry ones most days.

And you are right on with that list!

allydog said...

I found your blog via Shauna to Thany and then you! Saw you have dogs and read the list of doggy observations! Love it. My dogs are my kids too!