Sunday, December 7, 2008

Me And My Peeps

A couple pics from my company Christmas Party last night:

Back: Jaimie, Leslie, Lindsay
Front: Rachel, Sarah, Me, Erin

I'm (by far) the oldest, but we ARE by far the most fun group!
Accountants can have fun, I assure you.

(No, this isn't the dress I advertised last month. I found another one I liked better. You can't really see it, but it has a drop waist and a floofy skirt part. I liked it! Although I think I need to find me some good bronzer lotion. Rachel is normally as white as me, but look how tan she looks! Any suggestions?)


Missy Shell said...

Looks like fun. BUT. Did you win several hundred dollars singing a B52's song? Or a sappy song from Grease? I think not! :-)

I miss the Tecate parties....

Thany said...

What fun! I love the trim on the neck of the dress and I am so glad you guys looked sooo gooooood! :)

Crayl said...

You look fabulous! And like boot camp worked! :)